Puniho Art Press

Perhaps the smallest hand bindery in the world,
Puniho Art Press is in the coastal region of Taranaki, New Zealand,
between the mountain and the sea.
Run by artist Dale Copeland.
(Who also occasionally writes or puts together 'proper' books, commercially printed & bound.)

Philosophy of the Found
ISBN 0-9582485-0-6
An edition of 100 handbound books. Click an image to see them all.

All gone now.

Taekwon-Do books

Taekwon-Do Patterns 5th edition, 2019

A full analysis of the patterns of ITF Taekwon-Do.
From the Fundamental Movements to Tong-Il.
All pattern movements, diagrams, and meanings, with a complete analysis of all techniques.
A very useful reference book.

The Science of Taekwon-Do 2020

The biomechanics, the physics,
the mathematics, the psychology ...

Taekwon-Do Theory and Dictionary
Revised 2020
The theory needed for every grade
Plus a dictionary of Taekwon-Do terms.
English/Korean and Korean/English
With a new section on Foot Shifting.

Protocol 2008

All the etiquette and protocol
you need to know -
from starting training to
dining with Masters.
Now available as digital e-books in PDF format for reference on any device
with a PDF reader, such as your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.
Patterns E-book: $12 Science E-book: $8 Theory E-book: $10 Protocol E-book: $4
If you would like all of the 4 files, total would be NZ$30

You can either use PayPal to dale@tart.co.nz
or, from New Zealand, direct credit to TSB Bank, DD Copeland, No. 15 3942 0699605

Or as printed books, on good quality 150gms paper, with 300gsm glossy covers.
Patterns Book
166 pages A5: $40
Science Book
48 pages, A5: $20
Theory Book
52 pages, A5: $30
Protocol Book:
now out of print.
    email Dale Copeland at dale@tart.co.nz if you're interested in buying any of these books, digital or printed.

Elephants and Camels - the art of staying afloat
ISBN 0-9582489-1-5

112 pages, 100 full-colour illustrations on good glossy stock. A5 size.
My assemblage artwork accompanied by a not-quite-random walk around philosophy and poetry and humour.
Life and death and the bits in between.
$25   plus postage.
Click here to email Dale if you'd like a copy.

International Assemblage   2015

Assemblage artwork by 26 invited artists from around the world.

Full colour, 56 pages, A4-sized
Still some of these left. Price now $15 plus postage
(click on an image for a bigger view)

        New Plymouth's Mine   2015


The history of the naval mine which washed onto the rocks at New Plymouth in 1943.
Now a sculpture (designed by Dale) on New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway.
Full colour, 56 pages, A4-sized, now just $15 plus postage

Not just the story of how a neglected bit of iron became a loved sculpture, but its history
The memories of the men in the New Plymouth Bomb Disposal Squad of 1942/3.
Kindly supplied by their families.
(click on the image for a bigger view)

Bookbinding - An Introduction   2015

From beginning to end, complete instructions for traditional binding.
5th edition, revised and expanded.
I used to sell these either as handbound books or as kitsets for binding yourself.
Now, finally, I've done the sensible thing and had the book printed as an affordable and useful handbook of instruction.
A5 size, $5 plus postage.

(click on image for a bigger view)

Complex Numbers in Graphs

It's been a long time coming!

Sample pages

It may seem strange, after all the books on art (or Taekwon-Do), but I've been working on this other passion of mine for YEARS.
Designed for college students & undergraduates, anyone who finds Complex Numbers more interesting than just another maths topic.
I've discovered such beautiful things!

53 pages, b/w on good glossy stock. Crown Quarto size (that's a little smaller than A4).
$20   plus postage - $3.50 for New Zealand, $7 for the rest of the world.
I've only had 50 printed.
Just email me at   dale @ tart.co.nz (remove spaces) if you'd like a copy.
(click on image for a bigger view)

click to see a bigger image.
A full-colour souvenir from an excellent exhibition. A5 size, 26 pages.
12 artists from a small section of the West Coast of New Zealand.

    Alby Carter
        Dale Copeland
            Waldo Hartley
                Paul Hutchinson
                    Graham Kirk
                        Peter Lambert
                            Fay Looney
                                Linda McFetridge
                                    Steve Molloy
                                        Margaret Scott
                                            Leonie Smith
                                                Michael Smither

$10   plus postage: $3 New Zealand, $3.50 Australia, $4 for the rest of the world.
email me at   dale @ tart.co.nz (remove spaces) if you'd like a copy.

(For those who have asked, PayPal to same e-address.
Or, for New Zealanders, direct debit to TSB Bank 15 3942 0699605 00 Make sure I've got your postal address.)


108 pages, 110 full-colour illustrations on high quality glossy stock. A5 size.
Art and artists from Taranaki, New Zealand.
53 artists who currently show their work on the Virtual Tart website.

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